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Mantech Geometrics Ltd provides UK manufacturing with the most cost effective measuring solutions, including conventional Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), from Aberlink and multi-sensor measuring machines and X-Ray Tomography systems from Werth Metrology. 


Mantech also represents a range of self-tracking laser interferometer equipment from Etalon, offering unprecedented accuracy from a patented measurement technique for the measurement and volumetric compensation of deviations on machine tools and CMMs.


Please contact us to establish how Mantech Geometrics Ltd can help your business to measure up!

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Services Mantech Geometrics Provide

Mantech Geometrics Ltd, offer mobile measuring technology for the calibration measurement and compensation of deviations on machine tools and CMMs

Etalon Error Mapping & Machine Calibration

Services for CMMs and Machine Tools include Optimisation, Calibration, Verification and Error Mapping. Performance tests to ISO 10360/ISO 230.

Improvement of Volumetric Accuracy

A full machine tool error map can be automatically fed into the latest generation of CNC machine tool controllers to correct machine position through volumetric compensation.

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LaserTRACER system for small and middle-sized machine tools

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