Mantech Offers Ground Breaking New Machines From Aberlink

By Mantech Geometrics
schedule8th Oct 20

Measuring solutions provider Mantech Geometrics now offers Aberlink's latest measuring machines. The two machines released on the market recently are breaking new ground for co-ordinate measuring machine technology. 

Mantech Geometrics Ltd provides UK manufacturing with the most cost-effective measuring solutions, including conventional Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), from Aberlink and multi-sensor measuring machines and X-Ray Tomography systems from Werth Metrology. 

The firm also represents a range of self-tracking laser interferometer equipment from Etalon, offering unprecedented accuracy from a patented measurement technique for the measurement and volumetric compensation of deviations on machine tools and CMMs.

The Extol, from Aberlink, is the world’s first CMM to utilise a delta mechanism. Designed for robustness and reliability, the Extol CMM will run around the clock making it ideal whether it is positioned next to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or used in a dedicated inspection area.

Now available at Mantech Geometrics, The Extol includes a directly coupled belt-drive that eliminates the need for a gearbox and any associated backlash issues. The measuring device is perfect for the reliability needed for shop-floor CMM inspection due to the Deva motion control system and swiss-made DC motors. It also includes an array of other key features found on Aberlink's website. 

The Horizon CMM, also available at Mantech, breaks new ground in design and innovation using frictionless linear drives, which are the key to its fast and exceptionally smooth motion. Linear motors are non-contact and therefore have no wearing parts and thus provide the perfect solution for CMM drives, improving reliability and reducing maintenance. Find out more about the new Horizon CMM from Mantech by heading to Aberlink's website

Both machines continue to use the Aberlink 3D software, so users will still be entitled to free upgrades of the Aberlink 3D measurement software for the life of the CMM. The latest version of the software is always available for the customer to download from the Aberlink website and there will be no software maintenance charge, which means that cost of ownership will be minimal. 

Contact Mantech Geometrics today on +44 (0)7958 741733 or at  [email protected].  Watch a demo of the Extol and Horizon in action.